Salida desde la Torre Eiffel: 18 y 21 de junio - primera salida a las 12:00 / 24 de junio - primera salida a las 14:00 / 26 y 27 de junio - primera salida a las 12:00 
Joining BATEAUX PARISIENS means working for the leader in tourism and dining on the Seine. It's also a gateway to the entire SODEXO group, specifically its Sodexo Live! division.


The company has founded its history and development on fundamental values, forming part of our initiative to be a responsible employer.

- Focus on service: listening, anticipating needs, providing service with pleasure and pride,
offering a warm welcome and paying attention to detail

- Team spirit: respect for others and rules, cohesion and a common goal

- Progress for all: training, continuous improvement, willingness, determination, innovation and creativity.

These principles express BATEAUX PARISIENS’ policy and values:
Employees must share these values, adhere to them and make them their own.
Our main aim is to have the right employee at the right time and place to optimise our business performance.


We fully believe that our employees are - by their diversity - the strength and wealth
of our company. Nothing can be achieved without their enthusiasm and combined effort.

Our teams are made up of a wide variety of profiles and professions, including waterway
transport, restaurant dining, technical, administrative and sales roles.
With 37 nationalities and 50 professions, we make this diversity the very essence
of our added value.

BATEAUX PARISIENS is also committed to Sodexo’s policy of diversity.
This policy focuses on promoting and developing the following four main areas:

-    gender equality

-    motivation and professional development

-    employment and integration of disabled persons

-    cultural diversity

Job Offers

Receptionist (permanent)

On board the Bateaux Parisiens, your missions as a versatile Receptionist aim to provide clients with an exceptional experience, showcasing Paris, its gastronomy, and its monuments.

Your role will involve welcoming, informing, and directing clients: managing reception and reservations by phone and email, presenting and selling restaurant cruise services, registering and invoicing clients, establishing seating plans in line with reservations (using Excel), managing reservations by ensuring compliance (rates, on-site or deferred billing, particularities), collaborating with customer service and catering, organizing the workspace, and ensuring stock management and replenishment of consumables such as brochures, menus, cruise plans, invoices, and boarding passes.

For this position, we are looking for someone available and who enjoys teamwork, with good knowledge of English to welcome international clientele, comfortable with cash handling and Microsoft Office suite. A qualification such as a BTS in Tourism or Languages may be an additional asset. However, your personality and desire to satisfy our clients in the French capital are also of great interest to us.

Ticket Agent (Fixed Term Contract)

On board Bateaux Parisiens, your duties as a Ticketing Agent will aim to create an exceptional experience for the customers, showcasing Paris and its monuments.

Your role will involve: Welcoming, informing, and directing customers at the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame embarkation points, handling groups or individuals before boarding (managing flows, priority passage, presenting and selling services such as Promenade Cruises, Notre-Dame Cruises, special cruises, and other occasional products following speech guidelines, verifying the coherence of customer route information (displays, schedules), from ticketing to boarding, ensuring the proper functioning of ticket vending machines, and managing customer complaints in coordination with the Service Manager.

For this position, we are looking for someone with good English skills and comfortable handling cash transactions available between April and October to welcome an international clientele. We seek someone capable of managing large customer flows and possessing a strong team spirit.

Head Waiters (Fixed term contract)

In this capacity, Bateaux Parisiens, the leader in tourism and dining on the Seine, is recruiting several Head Waiters M/F.

You will be responsible for the following tasks: setting up tables before each boarding, table service for cruises, welcoming guests on board the boat, complete management of your section, taking orders, serving food and drinks, assisting with food delivery, providing tourist information to customers, supervising apprentices, extra staff, and assistant waiters.

We are looking for a candidate with successful similar experience.
You are dynamic, discreet, organized, and punctual.
You have good interpersonal skills and a team spirit.

Captain (Permanent)

On board Bateaux Parisiens - Batobus, your mission as Captain will be to create an exceptional experience for our clients, showcasing Paris, its gastronomy, and its monuments.

Your role will include: Supervising and monitoring the crew's work (arranging equipment, etc.) and ensuring the general cleanliness of the boat (deck, interior, exterior, windows, etc.), overseeing the security of the boat's access, ensuring passenger safety during the cruise, and checking after each stop and disembarkation that nothing has been left behind, managing the ship's documents: ensuring their presence and proper maintenance (Service booklets, startup checklists, written reports in the logbook of any issues or incidents that occur), and piloting according to current regulations.

For this position, we are looking for a professional who must have: a passenger driving certificate, the CQU Expert Passenger Certificate or ASP + PSC1, and an up-to-date service booklet. Holding the CRR is also required.

Successful experience on azimuth propulsion vessels would be an advantage.

You have a good level of English to welcome international customers and are comfortable with communication tools.

Knowledge of local and regional cultural and tourist activities would be a real asset for fulfilling the missions.


Kitchen Assistant (Permanent)

On board the Bateaux Parisiens, your mission as a kitchen assistant will be to create an exceptional experience for the clients, showcasing Paris, its cuisine, and its monuments.

As a kitchen assistant, your duties will include: performing preliminary tasks for meal preparation, preparing, cooking, and plating dishes according to technical sheets. Additionally, you will be responsible for applying and adhering to hygiene and safety standards (HACCP), cleaning, maintaining, and storing dishes and equipment, and following the rules for product conservation and storage. You will also enforce the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

For this position, we are looking for a professional with a successful first experience in a similar role, in traditional catering.

Sous Chef (Permanent)

On board the Bateaux Parisiens, your mission as a Sous Chef will be to create an exceptional experience for the clients, showcasing Paris, its cuisine, and its monuments.

As a Sous Chef, your responsibilities will include: ensuring the setup and service with your team according to the type of service, supervising/training/coordinating the work of the team (including station chefs, kitchen assistants, apprentices, and dishwashers), monitoring the quality of work based on technical sheets, and ensuring compliance with hygiene standards (presentation and attire of the team). Additionally, you will conduct daily and end-of-month inventories and handle supply requests for the boats, ensuring the health and safety of the team, such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

For this position, we are looking for a professional with a successful similar experience in traditional catering, who has a team spirit and the ability to unite the team.

Electronics engineer (Permanent)

We are looking for our future versatile Electrotechnician to work within Bateaux Parisiens.

As a versatile Electrotechnician, your missions are as follows: ensure preventive or corrective maintenance of electro-technical and electromechanical equipment at the request of the site team leader, maintain all types of equipment according to service or operational needs, diagnose breakdowns and intervene with reference to the site team leader.

You will need to scrupulously follow internal procedures such as: fill out work orders (WO) after each intervention, including stock withdrawals, follow safety instructions: equipment lockout, wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), manage your toolbox and common tools, validate interventions with the site team leader, ensure evening and weekend shifts according to a schedule defined in advance by team leaders, align with environmental protection and sustainable development goals. You will also ensure to always wear appropriate attire and work in good collaboration with other departments.

For this position, we are looking for a candidate who is comfortable with computer and communication tools: Microsoft Office, CMMS, various tools, as well as with measurement and control tools (voltmeter, ammeter, VAT...). A candidate with knowledge of thermal imaging cameras or insulation measurements would be a plus.


We offer you the possibility to enjoy an enriching
professional career over time. With us, you will be able to continue developing your skills, transmit your
experience and help your employees and/or
colleagues to develop too.

Would you like to work in a prestigious setting?
Do you like to talk about Paris and its heritage, all that makes the French capital one of the most popular
destinations in the world? Do you share our values?

Then join our teams and play an active role
in providing an unforgettable experience for our
international customers!