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Discover Parisian monuments from the Seine!

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The River Seine and its secrets

As a couple or with friends, by day or by night,
discover Paris as you've never seen it... Gliding under one bridge to another with a view of the
finest monuments, enjoy an hour's relaxation in the heart of bustling Paris.
Your journey begins at the foot of the Eiffel Tower...

Sightseeing cruise in Paris, an enchanting interlude on the River Seine

Come aboard one of our Bateaux Parisiens boats for a magical adventure with our
sightseeing cruises in the heart of Paris
along the River Seine.

Discover the City of Light in a new way, where elegance, history
and beauty combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Day or night, be transported into a world of refinement and splendour,
and enjoy an experience as unique as Paris itself.


The River Seine and its secrets

As a couple, with family or friends, by day or by night, discover Paris as you've never seen it before…
Gliding from bridge to bridge, past the most beautiful monuments, enjoy a relaxing moment away from the bustling streets of Paris.
Every bend in the river reveals a new marvel, turning this trip into a genuine exploration of the capital's architectural gems, lulled by the timeless charm of Paris.

The journey aboard our boat begins at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Once comfortably seated, you will pass by Les Invalides,
a seventeenth-century building that today houses the Musée des Armées and Napoleon's tomb.

You will then see appear the Assemblée Nationale and the Musée d'Orsay. After cruising along the banks of the Seine past the Institut de France
, your Paris sightseeing cruisewill take you past the Île de la Cité where Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral stands majestically.

You can also see the Hôtel-Dieu hospital and the Conciergerie. Next comes into view Île Saint-Louis, with its seventeenth-century buildings and mansions.
Then you'll head to Paris's thirteenth arrondissement to admire the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, before heading to the right bank of the Seine
to admire the Hôtel de Ville, the Louvre Museum, and then the Place de la Concorde with its famous obelisk.

You will also enjoy a unique view of the Grand Palais, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palais Chaillot.
Your sightseeing cruise in Pariswill end as you round the Île aux Cygnes before disembarking at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Our sightseeing boats offer comfort and elegance

Designed for your comfort and pleasure, our sightseeing cruise boats embody French elegance. Each boat is a subtle combination of
refinement and modernity, promising a smooth and enjoyable
experience on the River Seine. On board, you'll discover a pleasant and comfortable setting, ideal for admiring the architectural jewels of Paris.

Embark on a memorable experience on this sightseeing cruise
where luxury, comfort and beauty combine to make your
escapade an enchanted break from everyday life.

Choose your ideal cruise on the River Seine, a daytime escapade or night-time enchantment

Choose between two different experiences with our day and night
Paris sightseeing
cruises. By day, marvel at the glittering River Seine under
the sun, the perfect way to admire the architectural details of the monuments.

By night, be enchanted by Paris and its illuminations,
when every light tells a story and creates a magical atmosphere.

Each option offers a different and unique perspective of the City of Light,
promising unforgettable memories, whether you're looking for a romantic
getaway or a cultural escapade.

What is more, with our ‘Les Incollables’ quiz cruise, your children will get a free fun booklet!

Book your sightseeing cruise in Paris

If you would you like to discover Paris from the River Seine and you're interested in an experience aboard one of our Bateaux Parisiens, don't wait any longer.

Book your sightseeing cruise in Paris on one of our boats and embark on a special journey along
the River Seine to discover the architectural jewels of the City of Light.

For lovers of fine dining and refined ambiance, you can also book a lunch cruise on the River Seine
or a dinner cruise on the River Seine, for a magical, memorable experience.

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