/!\  From 23 to 30 September, the parking lot will be closed throughout the period. Drop-off allowed from 23/09 to 27/09 and from 29/09 to 30/09

Lunch Cruises

A special, fun experience

including a gastronomic meal

FROM €69


The Dinner Cruises

Enjoy a gourmet dinner on an original cruise.

FROM €89


Two different ambiances and experiences

By day or by night, discover the full splendour of a panoramic view aboard an all-glass boat.

On-board food preparation

Our Chef offers traditional French cuisine, elegant and refined, freshly prepared on board each day using seasonal produce. A cuisine that highlights taste,
simplicity and respect for the original flavours of
the ingredients used. Mastered culinary technique and stylish presentation enhance every dish served aboard our cruises.