General information

  • What does Bateaux Parisiens offer on special occasions?

    Instead of the usual menu, specially prepared menus are available on the following dates:

    - Dinner Cruises for Valentine's Day: 13 and 14 February
    - Dinner Cruise on France's National Day: 14 July
    - Sightseeing Cruise on France's National Day: 14 July
    - Cruise or quayside meal: Easter weekend
    - Dinner Cruise on Christmas Eve: 24 December
    - Lunch Cruise on Christmas Day: 25 December
    - Dinner Cruise on New Year's Eve: 31 December

    Booking required. Menus available to view online.​
  • Does Bateaux Parisiens offer free WiFi access?

    Yes, we offer free WiFi access at Le Bistro Parisien, on all our boats and in our meeting rooms.
    You can connect using your smartphone, tablet or PC.
    WiFi session duration is 24 hours (for meeting rooms, duration can be modified as necessary).
  • Are animals accepted?

    Hygiene rules for our boats and restaurants do not allow us to accept animals except for guide dogs for the blind.
  • How does Bateaux Parisiens differ from other companies?

    As the leading tourism and restaurant dining provider on the River Seine, Bateaux Parisiens offers a variety of quality services.
    Boarding at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.
    The Bateaux Parisiens cruise route passes in front of the Statue of Liberty (for the 12:30pm Lunch Cruise and 8:30pm Dinner Cruise).

    Our advantages:

    Sightseeing Cruise:
    Modern, panoramic boats with exterior viewing platforms.
    Commentary on boats available in 13 languages (8 simulataneously) via individual audio guide, paired with commentary by a guide in the lower part of the boat only.

    Restaurant Cruise:
    Stylish, panoramic boats offer unrivalled views of Paris.
    Our Chef and his teams use quality produce to prepare tasty and authentic cuisine.
    We offer live musical entertainment on board, setting the pace for your discovery of Paris.
    Bateaux Parisiens has the most comprehensive offer of quality products and services available.
  • Do you provide customer parking?

    Priority is given to tourism professionals (buses and coaches) at our paid car park.
    The car park has a very limited number of spaces.
    We therefore invite you to use the Tour Eiffel - Quai Branly public car park (under the Quai Branly museum).
  • Do you offer cruises throughout the year, including public holidays?

    We are pleased to welcome you every day of the year for Lunch Cruises, except on 1 January and the second Monday of January each year when the site closes at 5pm (whatever the event or services). Navigation restrictions may be imposed by the authorities in exceptional circumstances.
  • Do you offer access for persons with reduced mobility?

    Bateaux Parisiens welcome people with reduced mobility. For safety measures, the number of wheelchairs can be limited regarding the set-up of the boat. The lavatory on our boats is only accessible by stairs. We do have toilets for persons with reduced mobility at Le Bistro Parisien, our quayside restaurant, pier No 2.
  • Can visitors smoke on board?

    All our boats are non-smoking. However, it is possible to smoke on the outdoor terrace at some of our restaurants.
    Some of our boats are equipped with an exterior platform where you can smoke.
  • Any suggestions or complaints?

    Bateaux Parisiens is at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also email our Customer Service department at: sophie.baudet@bateauxparisiens.com.

Security measures

  • What security measures are taken by Bateaux Parisiens?

    Since 17 November 2015, Bateaux Parisiens has implemented a specific security initiative in coordination with the public authorities.
    Security has been tightened and police presence tripled in the tourist areas of Champ de Mars/Trocadéro.
    We have also upscaled the number of security agents on site. Bags are systematically checked and all jackets and coats must be opened for inspection at the entrance.
    Baggage over 16 litres in volume (apart from small backpacks, handbags and computer bags) are no longer accepted within our establishments, including in the cloakroom.
    The security measures we take are naturally in coordination with the public authorities. You will therefore understand that we are unable to disclose the full security initiative.


  • Is it obligatory to book a Sightseeing Cruise in advance?

    Bookings are not obligatory for the Sightseeing Cruise for groups of less than 20 people. You can purchase your ticket directly at the ticket office
    before your cruise.
    If you decide to purchase your ticket online, your ticket can be used at the date and time you have selected. All you need to do is present your email confirmation at the ticket office on Deck 3 on the day of your cruise.
    For groups of more than 20 people, we strongly advise you to book in advance. This will confirm the number of seats on board a boat for a specific cruise.
  • What is the advantage of booking a Restaurant Cruise in advance?

    Prior booking guarantees your a table on the boat. You will also have easier access to the choice available amongst our different services and seating areas.
  • How long does it take Bateaux Parisiens to confirm a booking?

    If you purchase your cruise online, your booking confirmation is sent to you immediately by email. If you book by email,
    Bateaux Parisiens commits to confirming your booking within 24 hours (excl. weekends).
  • What is the difference between booking a cruise and offering a cruise as a gift?

    When you book a Lunch or Dinner Cruise, you receive an email confirmation with
    the price displayed.
    If you wish to offer a cruise as a gift, you can print a Gift Cruise PDF document which does not display the price and which is valid for six months.
    A Gift Cruise can be sent to you by post in an elegant gift envelope if you tick the Gift Envelope option when booking.
  • Which different Gift Cruises are available?

    You can offer a Lunch Cruise or a Dinner Cruise as a gift.
    A personalised invitation is sent to you in an elegant gift envelope if you tick the Gift Envelope option when booking.
    A Gift Cruise is valid for six months. Your gift recipient has a maximum six months within which to use the voucher.
  • Can I pay on site?

    For Restaurant Cruise bookings made by telephone, you can pay directly on site (except for 'special dates' such as 13 and 14 February, Easter weekend, 14 July, 24-25 and 31 December). When booking by telephone, you will be asked to give your credit card number to guarantee the booking. However, if you make a booking online, you will be asked to pay when booking.
  • Why must I pay before boarding a Restaurant Cruise?

    It is simpler for you to pay before boarding, that way you have nothing to worry about during your cruise.
    You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the cruise.
  • Which payment methods are accepted?

    We accept payment:

    - On site: in cash and by credit card (Visa, Carte Bleue, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express), as well as specific payment methods* (which cannot be used when purchasing online):

    - Best gift vouchers
    - Kadéos gift vouchers
    - Culture vouchers (just only for the Sightseeing Cruise)
    - Holiday vouchers (ANCV)
    - TirGroupé gift vouchers
    - Travellers' cheques in euros
    - Spirit of Cadeau card
    - Diners Club card
    - Cup card
    - JCB card
    *As per date of validity.

    Change is not given on these vouchers (except for travellers' cheques). They do not qualify for a discount on the public rate.

    - Online:
    Visa, Carte Bleue, PayPal, American Express and Cofinoga credit cards.
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    You can partially or totally cancel your booking subject to certain conditions (cancellation must be notified to us in writing):

    - For a cancellation made more than 30 calendar days prior to the service: you shall not be charged any cancellation cost.

    - For a cancellation made between D-29 and D-10 calendar days prior to the anticipated date:
    a penalty of 50% of the price of the service, inclusive of VAT, shall be charged (regardless of the price of the service provided).

    - For a cancellation made less than D-10 calendar days prior to the date of the service:
    a penalty of 100% of the price of the service, inclusive of VAT, shall be charged.

    Bateaux Parisiens reserves the right, if the case arises, to sell the unused places again.

    For special dates (14 February, 14 July, 24 December, 25 December, 31 December), cancellation will not be possible, and the Customer may not claim any reimbursement.

    In the event that Bateaux Parisiens cancels all the services, the amount of the deposits made shall be entirely refunded to you.
    In the event that the planned cruise cannot be undertaken for any reason whatsoever (mechanical breakdown, rise in the water level, bad weather, administrative prohibition, etc.) a price reduction shall be applied.

    The Customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for the provision of catering services and leisure activities which must be supplied on a specified date or during a specified period.
  • Can I change the number of people in a group?

    You must confirm the definitive number of participants at the latest 3 working days prior to the date planned for the service, and limited to more or less 10% of the price of the order, no modification fees shall be applied (see Terms and Conditions of Sale). This confirmed number will serve as the basis for invoicing. Consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  • Why must I book an Enchanted Cruise?

    We strongly advise you book (online) due to the limited number of seats aboard the boat.
    The ticket office opens approx. one hour before departure.
    Boarding from Deck 1. Ticket office at Deck 3.

Restaurant Cruises

  • Is your menu available in other languages?

    Yes, our restaurants provide menus in 10 languagues: French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • What are the differences between your various services options?

    To best meet your needs and expectations, for the Lunch Cruise at 12:30pm and the Dinner Cruise at 8.30pm we offer a choice between several service options.
    These various services propose the same à la carte menu (choice from 4 starters, 4 main dishes and 4 desserts), as well as additional options such as seating location on board, pre-dinner drinks or vintage wines, selection of refined cheeses or miniature desserts served with coffee. The choice is yours!

    For the Lunch Cruise at 12:45pm, the 3 services offered are: Service Étoile, Service Privilège and Service Premier
    For the Dinner Cruise at 8.30pm, the 4 services offered are: Service Étoile, Service Élégance, Service Privilège and Service Premier
    For the Dinner Cruise at 6pm or 9pm: Window-side seating option
  • Why choose the Service Premier?

    By choosing the Service Premier, you will board one of the must-have cruises on the River Seine.
    Settle in comfortably at the bow of the boat, at a round table offering an exceptional spot to enjoy a spectacular view of Paris.
    Savour the refined dining service enhancing the dishes freshly prepared on board by our Chef.
  • Is it possible to buy photos after the cruise?

    Unfortunately not. Once you have left the boat, you can no longer purchase the photos presented to you by our photographer during the cruise.
  • Can we warm a baby bottle on a boat?

    Yes, we can warm a baby bottle on the Restaurant Cruises or at Le Bistro Parisien where we have the necessary equipment.
    However, we are unable to do so on a Sightseeing Cruise. We invite you to warm your baby bottle before or after your cruise at Le Bistro Parisien.
  • Do you offer vegetarian menus aboard the boats?

    Yes, our menu includes vegetarian dishes: starter, mains and dessert.
    The price remains the same in accordance with the service option you have chosen as you are paying for an all-inclusive menu service with à la carte selection (pre-dinner drinks, starter, main dish, dessert, mineral water, coffee and wines).
  • If we do not want to drink alcoholic beverages, can we change the pre-dinner drinks and wines included in the service?

    Yes, of course. You are welcome to choose a non-alcoholic beverage to replace the drinks included in the service option you have chosen. Prices remain the same.
  • Do you offer a menu for specific diets?

    Yes, we offer specific menus such as, gluten-free, lactose-free, residue-free, fibre-free and diabetic. We recommend you order your specific menu when booking.
  • Do you allow children on Restaurant Cruises?

    Children are welcome. However, we do not recommend Restaurant Cruises for children under 3 years old.
  • Are we able to choose the boat on which we take our cruise?

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a particular boat. Depending on bookings made, the boat used may be changed.
  • Do you provide commentary during Restaurant Cruises?

    Yes, the main monuments are pointed out.
    Our cruise staff are at your service to answer any questions on historical information you may have.
  • Can we dance aboard a Restaurant Cruise?

    Every lunchtime and evening, Bateaux Parisiens customers are offered live musical entertainment.
  • Is there a dress code for Restaurant Cruises?

    For the 8.30pm Dinner Cruise, formal dress code is required (no jeans, sports shoes, shorts or caps).

Sightseeing Cruises

  • Are the cruise routes departing from the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame the same?

    The routes are the same; only the departure location differs.
    The Sightseeing Cruise departing from the Eiffel Tower takes a one-hour route from the Eiffel Tower t Ile Saint Louis.
    The Sightseeing Cruise departing from Notre Dame takes a one-hour route from Notre Dame to Ile Saint Louis, turning around at the Eiffel Tower.
    In event of flooding of the River Seine, these routes may be modified without prior notice.
  • How often are Sightseeing Cruise departures from the foot of the Eiffel Tower?

    From April to September: from 10am to 10:30pm, approx. every 30 minutes (except at 1pm and 7:30pm). (On weekends and every day of July and August, from 10am to 11pm).

    From October to March:
    from 10:30am to 10pm, approx. every hour and some departures on the half hour. (Weekends and every day during Zone C school holidays, from 10am to 10:30pm).
  • How often are Sightseeing Cruise departures from Notre Dame?

    Departures are according to a specific schedule, from late March or early April (varies year to year) until November.

    > To consult departure times, click here.
  • In which languages is commentary available?

    Departure from the Eiffel Tower commentary is available in 14 languages on individual audio guides.
    The following languages are available: French, GB English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Commentary in the various languages translates the commentary provided by the guided tour hostess aboard.

    Departure from Notre Dame, commentary is available live in 4 languages by the guided tour hostess (French, English, German and Spanish).​
  • Do you have child rates for the Sightseeing Cruise?

    Yes, we offer child rates as follows:
    Free of charge for children under 3, specific rates for children aged between 3 and 11. These rates can be consulted online.
  • Do you have a disabled person rate for the Sightseeing Cruise?

    No, we do not offer a specific rate for disabled persons.
    We advise our disabled guests to select the first departure of the morning so that our crews are available to help them board.
  • Can I board at the Eiffel Tower departure dock and disembark at Notre Dame, or vice versa?

    No, the Sightseeing Cruise departing from the Eiffel Tower and the cruise departing from Notre Dame are non-stop cruises.
    No stops are available. The cruise lasts one hour.

    The Sightseeing Cruise departing from the Eiffel Tower takes a route from the Eiffel Tower to Ile Saint Louis.
    The Sightseeing Cruise departing from Notre Dame takes a route from Notre Dame to Ile Saint Louis, turning around at the Eiffel Tower.
  • When we board at the Eiffel Tower departure dock, where do we disembark?

    The cruise route is a one-hour full circuit. You will therefore disembark at the same dock as boarding, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Deck 3.
  • Are there any stops during a Sightseeing Cruise?

    No, it is a one-hour, non-stop cruise.